Making a spiffy calendar and formatting a community layout
I originally asked these questions over on everything_lj, but figured the actual Minimalism comm might be better. I have a couple of things I'm trying to do:

1) I'm trying to make the calendar (in the sidebar and in the archive page) on japanorama have the same between-cell margins as in tenimyutopia's sidebar (where the individual days look like blocks floating on a solid background), but no matter how I insert margins or padding into the .calendar-wrap td CSS, nothing happens (margin coding doesn't change anything at all) :/ Any ideas on how to achieve this?

2) This is probably a futile question, but I'll give it a shot: My code will ultimately be placed on a community, and therefore the "USERNAME wrote in COMMUNITY" that appears on the friends page will be pretty redundant (since presumably it'll show up on the recent entries page that way). Is there any way to remove the "wrote in COMMUNITY" text from the box WITHOUT using layers (i.e. with only a basic account)?

Thanks for any help you can offer! My CSS code is in the box below:

Title and link colors
Journal you are trying to modify: mythdefied

Account Level: plus

What are you trying to accomplish? I'd like to change the main and sub-title colors, as well as the link colors from the orangish-red they are now to a color of my choice.

I'm using the Black Pit theme. I looked through the tags and didn't find anything on this.

custom comm colours
Little Miss Me
Journal you are trying to modify: littlemissgg

Account Level (basic, plus, paid): paid

What are you trying to accomplish?: Is there anyway I can have the custom colours (set in the Manage Friends tab) of my comms show up on my friends page?

Any and all help hugely welcomed, this comm has been amazing at helping so far!

Header issues in minimalism
simon/alisha, misfits
 Hi! I'm having problems getting my header in the right place.
journal: singtomepeter 
acount level is plus
theme is minimalism (georgia)

moreCollapse )
Please help me!

Wideness in Chrome and Safari [RESOLVED]
Resolved; thanks malionette!

Hi, I'm a layout maker and recently I tried playing around with S2 Minimalism. However, I've run into an issue that's proving extremely frustrating to resolve since there isn't a Firebug equivalent in Chrome or Safari, and I'm not familiar enough with Minimalism to pinpoint it without the aid of a tool.

Basically, everything in the layout is fine except for the fact that the horizontal scrollbar inexplicably shows up at the bottom of the screen. I can't find what is stretching the layout and it's driving me crazy.

ScreenshotCollapse )

Adding header
1. Journal you are trying to modify: dustfromthesoul

2. Account Level (basic, plus, paid): Basic

3. What are you trying to accomplish? Screenshots/Examples are helpful (behind a cut!): I'm trying to add a header.

click to view screencapCollapse )

Moving Metadata for free acount
Ms. Marvel
Hi everyone! 
I'm rather new at livejournal and I was wondering, would it be possible to move my metadata from the top of my post to the bottom?
Keep in mind that I have a free account.

Thanks for everything!

Anyone know to how to add the Time code??

1. Journal you are trying to modify: Any Minimalism layout

2. Account Level (basic, plus, paid): Paid account

3. What are you trying to accomplish? Screenshots/Examples are helpful (behind a cut!)

I would really like to be able to put the time on each of my entries, does anyone know how to do that using the Minimalism layouts.

I have found a link that has the date on their entries using minimalism

thx in advance for everyone's time and help.

Random Quote Box in Sidebar
I'm considering switching to Minimalism because of the truncated cloud tag. However, I'd like to be able to keep the random quote generator I've used in Expressive and Flexible Squares.

Has anyone been able to get a quote box working either through the advanced customizations or the html box?

Multi-level tag list in sidebar?
Journal I'm trying to modify: cidercupcakes
Account level: Paid
Trying to accomplish: tiered/multi-level tag list in sidebar

I'm switching over to Minimalism, and I love pretty much everything about it, but there's one thing that would basically make it perfect for me: a multi-level tag list. There are instructions for achieving this here for Flexible Squares and here for Expressive, so I'm assuming something similar could be implemented in Minimalism, but since my know-how really only extends as far as CSS, I have no idea how to go about achieving it. I know it involves creating a new layer, and I'm guessing it's going to start with function _taglist or function _sidebar, but beyond that I'm pretty much lost. I've browsed through the tags in this community in the hopes that someone had addressed the issue already, but haven't found anything; if I've just missed it, please let me know.

Thanks so much in advance!
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