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Change Friends Page Title?
[Me] Reading, Fritz Leiber
johncoxon wrote in s2minimalism
Journal you are trying to modify: johncoxon
Account Level: Permanent

What I would really like to be able to do is modify my Friends Page, so that instead of having the Journal Title followed by the Friends Page Title, it has the Friends Page Title followed by the Journal Subtitle. Is this possible?

EDIT: This wasn't too hard once I appreciated the lengths to which I would have to go. Basically I copied the code from the layer of the theme I was using (Blue Fence) to my custom layer, and then copied function Page::print(), which is a pretty long piece of code from Minimalism. Then I edited some of the code in that function before hitting save and selecting the custom layer. If you'd to check out what I've done and use it yourself, it's Layer #41641891.


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