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link size & title
glovered wrote in s2minimalism
Hello, I have a couple questions.

Journal you are trying to modify: glovered

Account Level (basic, plus, paid): plus

What are you trying to accomplish?
1. How do I un-italicize the links? (as seen here)
2. How do I change the comment count size?
3. How can I move tags to the top of an entry like they used to be?
4. How do I either change the size of the title of the journal or delete it altogether?
5. Right now, there are lines showing on any tables (as seen here) Is there a way to delete that?

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Did you ever get an answer to #4? I am trying to do something vaguely related and any info could be helpful.

No, I ended up using a template with flexible squares. Good luck, though!

No 4 as far as I know:

.header h2 {
font-size: xxxx;

.header h3 {
font-size: xxxx;

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