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Change Friends Page Title?

Journal you are trying to modify: johncoxon
Account Level: Permanent

What I would really like to be able to do is modify my Friends Page, so that instead of having the Journal Title followed by the Friends Page Title, it has the Friends Page Title followed by the Journal Subtitle. Is this possible?

EDIT: This wasn't too hard once I appreciated the lengths to which I would have to go. Basically I copied the code from the layer of the theme I was using (Blue Fence) to my custom layer, and then copied function Page::print(), which is a pretty long piece of code from Minimalism. Then I edited some of the code in that function before hitting save and selecting the custom layer. If you'd to check out what I've done and use it yourself, it's Layer #41641891.
Ed Tux

Limiting Image Size in Entries

I'm using a custom style that someone else made using Minimalism. I'd like to limit the size of images in entries as a lot of my buddies aren't tech savvy and routinely post super large photos without a cut. I've been trying to help them out, but clearly I will need to do something on my end, and I'd like to avoid using image placeholders if I can. Could someone help me out?

I found this coding for Smooth Sailing and was hoping I could use something similar:

.entryText img {

Thanks for any help you can provide.
6tones - 大我 - 僕僕

Help with customized header and background color?

I'm using the Summer layout, and would like some help, please.

Journal you are trying to modify: takarai_karin

Account Level (basic, plus, paid): Plus

What are you trying to accomplish?
  • Is it possible for me to change the header's image?
  • Is it possible to change the background color from the current white to preferably light grey, since it's kinder to the eyes?

    I'm opening everything in ?style=mine now, and while my layout is still preferable than LJ's default, the whiteness can still be a bit tiring.

link size & title

Hello, I have a couple questions.

Journal you are trying to modify: glovered

Account Level (basic, plus, paid): plus

What are you trying to accomplish?
1. How do I un-italicize the links? (as seen here)
2. How do I change the comment count size?
3. How can I move tags to the top of an entry like they used to be?
4. How do I either change the size of the title of the journal or delete it altogether?
5. Right now, there are lines showing on any tables (as seen here) Is there a way to delete that?
Annie & Abed

Using Minimalism on InsaneJournal

I have a paid account over at InsaneJournal, and with it I've been able to use Flexible Squares and Smooth Sailing by creating top-level custom layout layers. (The tutorial I used is here for reference.)

I would like to do the same with Minimalism, since I love the layout, but using the layer source listed in this comm's links provides compiling errors.

Does anyone have any ideas why this could be? I unfortunately don't understand S2 layers well enough to really be able to figure it out myself. I can give more information on the compiling errors if needed.
I Melbowne

Two questions

I have a paid account and using the Black Pit theme. Please help with the following:

1. How to make the entry date font larger?

2. How to move the userpic to the left side of the entry?

Thank you in advance!

Also I would like to add a header image, remove the default userpic with profile and move calendar on it's place.

Page Summary, security icon

Journal you are trying to modify: westwardwind

Account Level (basic, plus, paid): Paid

What are you trying to accomplish? Screenshots/Examples are helpful (behind a cut!): I want to add security icons to the page summary for entries that are friends only or private. I've searched and I can't find out how to do this, though it seems simple in theory. Maybe saying that highlights my ignorance :P Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Peligro/Danger :Me:

Metadata help


I need help with the metadata section. Overall, I'd like it to look like:

(but I want to add music to it too and take out the small pixel images and replace it with text). I'd also like to put the tags up top. Just below the subject line but before the main body of entry text.

I have no idea how to code my css to do so. And would really appreciate anyone's help!